the hallooooweeeen partay + rooms + How to do the Candy hunt!

Hey guys the Party has started and i recon is AWESOME!!

Heres how to do the candy hunt!

first of all, click on the Pumpkin near the Moderator sign – this shows what you’ve found and has the clues!


Now you can start the Candy hunt!

the first candy is located at the Ski Lodge attic behind the jack-o-lantern between the two sofas.

clue 1

The second candy is at the Dock in the Pumpkin at the Back right corner.

clue 2

The third candy is at the pet shop near the red puffle.


The fourth is at the Cove near the Ghost with a book


The fifth is in the Cave on the decoration

clue 5

the sixth is in the staduim light 😛


The 7th is in the forrest in the moving bush


and the final one is in the mine near the chat bar


so thats all the lollies collected..


and now you can claim your prize !!


And there you have it – you are finished!

There also many free items!

for non members – you can collect your free pumpkin attenae from the Plaza!

pumpkin plaza free

And i will Update more about the Members soon!!

– Rixxles(:


One Day till the Halloween Party!!!

As you would know, the Halloweeeeeeeen party starts tomorrow, and it’s going to be awesome!

i will update as soon as i can! lol.

heres a little reminder about last years party..! (click here to view)

– Rixxles(:


One More Day of Celebrations!!


Great news! – Club Penguin has extended the 4th  anniversary party for ONE more day only!

apparntley because not everyone has been able to fully enjoy the party and get the party hat, and possibly because, non members havnt had a chance to log onto servers because theyre all full..


If this sounds like you, Make the most of the extention and have fun!

– Rixxlez(:


4th Anniversary party! New Pin! New Hat! New Yearbook!

Finally! the 4th anniversary party has arrived!

im totally loving the new hat colours!

here’s how to get it.

1. go to the coffee shop (where the heart of the party is!)

2. Find the Pinata on the Ceiling.


3. Then click on it until the Pinata explodes and theParty hat drops down!

partay hat

And there’s you very own party hat!

Also theres a new year book located in the bookroom so be sure to check it out!

The pin is Located in the Bolier room!!


new pin


I Hope You enjoy celebrating the 4th birthday of Club Penguin!

– Rixxlez(:


A Storm?

Yes. it has been confirmed by Gary the Gadget guy that a storm is set hit just in time for halloween!


And its all because of this unexpeced Volcano!


On Many parts on the island, you can see the smoke practacally eating up the place!!

asic2asic4LooK at the View from the Ice Berg!asic3

Whats next? i bet you it’s going to be awesome!

– Rixxles(:


This year’s party hats.

Every year Club Penguin gets one year older!

and the buzz amongst the penguins is, “i wonder what colour the party hats gonna be?”

well, i think i have an idea..

party hat

Well see the Balloons in the corner? these are the colours of the balloons most of the time they appear.

so maybe thats a clue? i could be wrong..

Comment! what do you think?


Check it out!

Check out the new “ninja tips” page!

Having trouble becoming a ninja? the page should be your guide to Victory against the Sensei!

I know it helped me.. i’m finally a Blacl belt!


– Rixxles(:


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